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How to use a bullet vibrator for ultimate satisfaction?

She has already hit an orgasm. And she wants more! She wants to get ahead and have one more orgasm before she is fully satisfied with the love making with you. What should you do to give her that extra pleasure and make her feel complete? You should probably get going. To add up a little spice and help her reach another orgasm, you could use a vibrator or a clitoris stimulator. A bullet vibrator might come in handy when you are trying to make your opposite sex attain multiple orgasms.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

Since the beginning of time when sex toys came into role in making love, bullet vibrators were one of the favorite due to its versatility. This vibrator can be used as both a clitoral and vaginal vibrator. This is the reason why these vibrators are still in fashion and is one of the most demanded sex toys of all time. The Rabbit toy vibrators are also likewise popular in adding some spice and naughtiness in your boring sex life.


The other things that make these vibrators so popular is that they are light and compact and are very easy to carry and store. They are very easy to maintain and can be washed easily. Generally, these vibrators come in a shape and size of a lipstick and therefore are easy to use and store. Today, a wide variety of materials are used to manufacture a bullet vibrator, which include usage of silicon, metal and plastic fibers. This helps a consumer make choice among various materials according to their preference of comfort and style.

The biggest advantage of using a bullet vibrator is that it can be used both on a lady and a man. Yes, that’s right folks! These vibrators have a speed setter that allows you to choose the rate of vibration from very low to very fast, as your mood enhances and you reach climax. Although a wide array of sizes is available, the basic structure of these types of vibrators is that of a bullet, that is, all of them look like a bullet.


A bullet vibrator is powered by two AA type batteries and provides pretty impressive vibrations. They also last long, which ensures that you keep using them for ultimate satisfaction for many years. Therefore, it is a product that is worth investing in.

If you like to use these alone, there are various ways in which you can use them to attain climax and experience orgasms. You can use it to stimulate your clitoris which can be done just by placing the bullet vibrator on your labia and circle it around it.

You can also use it as a G-Spot stimulator. Lubricate your vibrator with a little sex gel or lubricant and start pressing it down on your clitoris to gain some momentum and feel yourself sexy. You can then insert it slowly into your vagina (1 to 2 inches) to stimulate your G-spot and experience a satisfaction like never before.

You can even use a bullet vibrator to turn your male partner by messaging his genital parts with it and stick it between you and your partner on the pelvic portion while sitting on him. Therefore, you can use it for a solo play as well as a partner play.